A Culture of Growth: Mastering the Fundamentals of Growth

Courtesy of bonsaitreegardener.net

Excellence at anything comes from mastering the fundamentals and mastering anything comes from practice, practice, and practice.

In order to practice, we need to understand what are we trying to do, specifically in the context of a particular business.  The practice of tasks and skills should capitalize on what makes you unique and help you keep the promises to customers day in and day out.

Here are specific ideas to get to the habits:

  • Identifying what are the fundamentals of growth (concepts and skills) so we are clear on what to do, why to do it, when to do it, and how to do it
  • Understanding how those fundamentals can be applied by individuals at all levels of the organization and career path, not just the ones in “charge of business development”
  • Make those habits important and reward them across the organization

Once distilled, it is likely that those fundamentals can become the habits that would nurture a culture of growth.

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