A Culture of Growth: Rhythm vs. Accountability. The Search for Consistency

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Between 1960 and today, the use of the word accountability has increased over a thousand-fold within the business literature of our time according to Google Trends.

The term accountability seems to have lost the original meaning.  Now it appears to carry connotations of an external oversight and in some cases penalizing framework to ensure people are doing what they are supposed to do, instead of the internal self-regulatory responsibility to which it originally referred to.

The goal of accountability is a noble and necessary one: to create consistency in execution. However, I find it to also carry incorrect assumptions.  It may assume that people not performing is a matter of desire.  It could well easily be a matter of clarity and skill.  The clarity of what are fundamental activities to promote business growth and/or how to accomplish those activities.

There is another way to accomplish the same consistency and perhaps even more.  Let me introduced you to Rhythm.

Rhythm in a human scale refers to the timing and movement of people’s actions.  Rhythm contains cadence, beat, and purpose, all of which create consistency in a way that is repeatable and enjoyable.

This idea is being successfully executed to build and coordinate simple to highly complex systems.  We could leverage it to align our teams, our collective goals, and drive consistent to individual execution in a way that is repeatable at both the organizational level and the human level.

Examples of such frameworks that create rhythm include Rockefeller Habits, Agile methodologies, and Lean systems, all of which may be applied to our growth work.

It would be more useful create a rhythm that promotes sustainable and self-regulatory mechanism to nurture habits of growth.


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