A Culture of Growth: Starting Early and Investing Wisely

Courtesy of bonsaitreegardener.net

The road from novice to expert is one that everyone has to pay the price.  We all start as novices and through time and purposeful practice; we develop the internal experiences that lead us to become experts.

Whether you follow the 10,000 hrs rule of thumb to become an expert, or you absolutely think is bunkers, we all agree that there is a growth path for someone to become competent at their craft.

Growth skills follow the same path. The earlier we can start in helping everyone in our organizations, the sooner we can start seeing that expertise.

One of the most powerful things in that development is the compound effect of skill, knowledge, and experience.  Once there is enough of it, an individual crosses a boundary where it stops being an exercise they think about.  It transforms into things they just intuitively do.  That’s why an experienced baker knows that dough needs more water simply based on the sound of the kneading.

Now that we took time to understand the growth fundamentals applicable to our organizations, it may suit us to create a framework where such development is clear at every level and we are regularly getting feedback on the types of investments necessary to help people achieve the outcomes desired.

We should consider the development of mentors at every level that can, without judgment, help guide us to reach the next stages.

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