Escaping Victimhood…tips from the trenches

I have been blessed to receive insights from some dear people in my life. Some of that insight is hard to leave it in the confinements of oneself. Some of it should be shared to help others, especially in moments when we are stuck.

This post is a gift that I received. I merely curated it to pass it on.

Escaping a victim mentality is hard but we all have done it before and found joy. The way out is to acknowledge the comfort or benefits you get from staying stuck. It is ugly and uncomfortable, but necessary.

Victimhood sometimes is appealing because it is easier to be powerless, there are no risks, and there’s no responsibility for making bad decisions. It becomes the ruts on the road that we have been living.

But it wears on you and destroys your self-esteem.

You get out of it by taking responsibility and making decisions that reflect what you want to feel.

If you want to feel brave and powerful in your own life, make decisions and choices that create those feelings.

Stop sabotaging the good in your life. Stop punishing yourself and judging yourself harshly for where you are. It is part of your process… the more you judge yourself, the more it fuels the narratives that drove you to victimhood in the first place.

You will stay stuck in trying to figure out how you got there. Just don’t. Getting out is all that matters.

There is power to feeling alive, joyful, passionate, creative, grateful, etc… you can add the positive emotions you want to that list.

Accept who you are and embrace the decisions that take you somewhere brave. Forgive and be committed to loving-kindness toward yourself.

You know how to get out, so make it a priority to do so. Life is waiting for you. Live it. 🙏(Q)

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