A Culture of Growth: Reshaping Perceptions

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One of the aspects of a growth culture is the ability to expand their footprint and strengthen relationships with customers.  In order to do that, the culture of growth needs to embrace the idea of selling.  Such an idea is one that applies to every individual in an organization.  A tall task based on the perceptions that such idea brings.

Everyone sells almost every moment of every day.  We are selling ideas, feelings, likes, self-improvement, services, things, etc. Yet the idea of sales and maybe by extension, business development, conjures stomach queasy images for most people.

In a world highly interconnected and dependent on specializations in every facet of human experience, it is almost impossible not to be selling.  Most people, however, would not declare that they want to be selling.

The interesting fact about most businesses is that they sell problem-solving.  They sell solutions to organizational and personal headaches.

A fair amount of people are excited to help others problem solve.  It is not too far-fetched then to appreciate that an organization that solves problems well could be rewarded in the market through a stellar reputation, years of continuity, and financial success.

To create a culture of growth, it may be imperative to reshape the perception of what growth is at its basic and relatable motivation: to help customers move their goals and vision forward and to be rewarded for the contributions we made.

Everyone then is involved in growth and everyone has the capacity to identify those opportunities in which we can help new and existing customers to continue to solve problems.

One way to accomplish this is for ourselves is to internalize the Outside Mindset where we measure our impact based on the impact on our customers’ customers, anchoring us in the real meaning of what they are trying to do.

Another aspect is to clarify “What’s in it for me?” to understand the benefit that they received as part of a successful growth effort.

The reframing of the concept of selling and the role that each person plays is an important aspect of setting a tone for growth.

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