Piecing the world together

“Piecing together the world you want is an impossible task if you haven’t first pieced yourself together

Reflecting on an earlier post about the various sides of ourselves, I barely noticed my daughter entering my office as she casually does many times.  This time, she was wearing a sweater.  As she turned around with just the right light, I saw a loose thread hanging.  The type of thread that you image may unravel everything.

Before words came out of my mouth to point it out to her, a thought flooded my brain.  It was a story I heard some time ago from Eddie Pinero in his motivational channel Your World Within.

It’s the story of a man’s challenge to his young son to put a puzzle of the world together.  The same task that all of us have now as we challenge ourselves to grow.

Missing pieces of a facePerhaps the best way to think about all sides of ourselves is to think of an image with incomplete puzzle pieces. All the edges have been matched but in the middle, there are a bunch of missing pieces that will connect them and make the man One.

Where are the missing pieces?

The pieces are everywhere.  They are inside of us covered by narratives that prevent us from seeing them.  They are outside as we discover, learn, and develop our skills and understanding. Some are yet to be invented as we offer something that only us can create.

The challenge is that like the piece of loose thread, some of the pieces will only become visible under the right light.  Growth, despair, joy, discomfort, happiness, reflection, etc… are examples of some of the light that we need to bring to our daily existence to start seeing the pieces.

In the words of a friend and mentor, “Get started, it is later than you think”.

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