Why do we insist in well rounded employees?

well rounded teams. super team members

Seriously. What does it mean to be well rounded? Is that attainable? And frankly, how does it benefit the individual or even the organization?

We know instinctively that each of us does better in our areas of strengths. We are more effective, more efficient, more engaged, more fun. An hour using our strength has an exponential contribution.

The opposite is true. We drag our feet to the stuff that we are not good at and that goes against our grain. An hour in those weak areas is inefficient, dreadful, and draining.

Developing Super Powers

To be clear, I am not suggesting that we were born with super strengths or super skills that do not need development. On the contrary, I am suggesting that our primary focus is to develop and sharpen our strengths; convert them into super-powers.

That will take a lot of work but hey when you are having fun because you are operating at your center, that work is never work.

Now we all can benefit from working on a few areas that trip us up. Heck, I have a few. However, the emphasis is just to find a way for those few things not to get in the way.

Investing a huge amount of energy to make most people well rounded is, well, a lot of energy. Our time and energy are precious, let’s use it wisely.

what about at the organization level?

I rather create a well rounded top team, made up of a diversity of team members with superpowers. Their impact could be huge and we would all have way more joy in our second families.  Here is an article from the Harvard Business Review worth considering.

So go ahead and put the cape on, just make sure you discover your strengths and then rev them up.

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